by admin on October 11, 2013

Last week I made some recommendations to a customer, he decided to go ahead and do the work even though there was a great deal of work to be done and the cost would not be cheap.

1.  the first system was an upflow with a return plenum under the floor.  After demo,  I showed the homeowner the rusted out plenum.  This resulted in poor air quality, poor efficiency and a loss of money spent on utility bills.

2.  The second system was by far the worst install i have witnessed in 20 years.  3 ton system with a 1 ton ductwork.  No wonder the bills were high and repairs were so frequent.

3.   First system was a Lennox 21 SEER complete gas fired variable speed furnace.  Wow,  I really want one for my house after seeing this beast perform.  Very, Very quiet.

4.  Second system was just a new furnace, coil and upgraded ductwork;  homeowner could not believe how well the new coil performed with the old outdoor unit.

The man took my advice;  and now his bills are low, he is cool and happy and best of all, his air quality is much better.

Thank you sir for getting it.

So, what does it mean;  “it”  –  taking advice from a professional and acting on it.


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