100 degree plus temperatures

by admin on August 1, 2012

Summer is here and I get calls in the extreme heat with people complaining of their a/c not cooling properly.  Some have recently had a new system put in but the inside temperature is still 80 degrees or so.   Example:  Pressure readings are 64 / 365.    What does this mean ?  the first number (64) represents the amount of heat being removed from the house.   The last number is the high pressure which for this day was way too high.  The homeowner said the last tech put refrigerant in it. What the tech did was “squirt and run technique”  If you get the first number at or above 60 degrees the system will not freeze up but the high pressure goes way up and the excess refrigerant will eventually kill the compressor.    So,  what was the real problem ?   The evaporator coil was restricted and instead of being a 5 ton system it was a 3 or 4 ton system.

Bottom line:

When the temperatures reach 100 degrees everything that is wrong with your air conditioning will have a serious impact on how well your a/c cools and how low  your a/c bills will be.

One of the biggest issues I see is improper duct sizing on systems.  For example, 5 ton system with a 3 ton ductwork.   So when the temperature hits 100 degrees plus your house will NOT cool.  You don’t have a 5 ton system you have a 3 ton system.

Replacing equipment is not always the solution.  You must look at the whole system and do a whole house design.

When this is done you can see savings of 60% or better.   The best I have ever done was a new home which had $1000 plus electric bills .  The builder refused to do anything so I was hired to fixed the problem.   I told the homeowner if I could not fix it he owed me nothing.  After two weeks of hard work ,  and one month later his bill dropped to $340.00 per month.   Another success!!!!!!!

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