Worst Ever

by admin on April 10, 2012


After 20 years in the business I thought I had seen it all.  Nope.  I got a referall call and set the appointment.  I go out to the consumer and she explains her problems.  The condenser is old but what is shocking is the electrical wiring: 1.  disconnect bypassed  2.  22ov wiring not properly attached to condenser ( wire sheathing rubbing on metal) 3.  Hail damage 4. fan blade out of balance.   Now,  I go in the attic.  WTF ?  My mouth literally dropped open.   There were so many things wrong that I had a hard time grasping it all. 1. Furnace hung poorly.  2.  the vent pipe went up and down and then managed to go inside a bigger vent pipe that was then wrapped with silver tape (like that was going to help  LMAO) 3.  COIL was turn backwards from furnace , so I crawled over to the other side and found the TXV bulb sticking out into the attic.  NOW, I am pissed at the contractor.  Who the hell does this kind of crap ?  4.  the drain pan was angled so sharply that the water would have rushed over the sides and flooded the ceiling.  5. Nothing done to code.

I advised the homeowner to sue this guy. Get a lawyer;  call the City and the State .   I will add photos when I get them.


Then the lady says can you look at my other unit because its not working either.  I say “OK”;  Now,  I really wondering what will I find.

So,  the other unit is a Rheem/ruud type.  I take the cover off and I say WTF again ?  Old parts are laying in the bottom of the unit .  The run capacitor for the fan motor is just hanging by wires.   Looks like the tech shorted the compressor .   Tech said he would be back to fix it.  She is still waiting.  What a joke of a contractor and a tech.  I did take a picture of this one with my iPhone 4s.

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