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by admin on December 28, 2011

WARNING !!!!!  Most manufacturers will NOT warranty equipment purchased online.  Why ?  The equipment cannot be sold with refrigerant in it unless you have an  EPA  license for that refrigerant.  There are NO exceptions for NOT complying with the law.   A licensed air conditioning contractor is NOT going to warranty equipment that has been tampered with.  You are gambling and sometimes you win and most times you will lose.   As a contractor,  I am not going to warranty something you bought.   I can only warranty what I buy because I buy from the manufacturers distributor who will stand behind the equipment and handle all warranty claims.

Homeowners hire non licensed trade people to install and then call me when they can’t get in touch with the guy that just took their money.  DUH! I report all I find;  non licensed people have no business doing this work.  They see it as “easy money”.   Again, you are gambling.   Roll the dice, baby.

Real Case :   I received a call from a man stating he bought a Trane XL1800 complete system  via the  internet ;  he called because I was certified to install this equipment.  I told him;  the fee to install was $3000.00.   The man told me he would give me $1500.00.  I declined.   Two months later he called again asking me if I would come out and check out the install.  I told him the service fee was $100.00.  He complained and I declined again.  He called back and I told him;  I was NOT going to come out and give away my training for free.  He would have to pay.   He finally accepted;   after I arrived at his house he told me his bills were high and it was not what he had expected .  I gave him a detailed write up of all the problems.   One of the worst installs I have ever seen.  He hired a handyman/electrician to install the system.   I informed him I would have to start over and the original price of $3000.00 would not cover removing it and reinstalling properly.  Again, he did not want to pay.  So,  I gave him a bill for $100.00 and left.  This is the classic case of stupidity.  He paid the handyman $500.00.  In this case, he sure got what he paid for.   As a contractor,  I hate to see such nice equipment go to waste.

IN my opinion,  all equipment is NOT the same.  Some are better and some are just crap.  However,  you can buy the best equipment and if the person installing does a crap job ;  then all your savings go out the window.  On the flip side;  you can buy cheap equipment and if the guy does an exceptional job of installing the equipment then you will get your moneys worth plus some.

A properly installed system can save you thousands of dollars.   A 18 SEER or higher system can save you 70% or more.  The system has to be installed properly.

1.  Heat load needs to be done;  required in some areas ( mandatory in Texas)

2.  Duct sizing critical;  You may need a 5 ton system but only have a 3 ton duct system.  Now, you just lost 30% of your energy savings.

3.  Duct sealing; critical to minimize air loss.  Average is over 20%.  So, you just lost about one ton of the 5 tons in your attic somewhere.

4.  Proper charging of the system

The above list is a minimum.

Additional items:

1.  Proper hanging of the furnace when installed in the attic

2.  Static pressure checked

3.  Air locking and HVAC  silicone caulking of all joints.

4.  Sealing the grilles at the floor and ceiling

5.  Eliminating return air bypasses.

6.  Proper copper pipe sizing and insulation for your air conditioner or heat pump.

Buy from a licensed contractor;  get referrals and the best I know of is look at his pictures.   Check out my pictures.  You can see the workmanship.  Compare to yours.

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