“Free furnace” Really ? Free service call Really ?

by admin on November 29, 2011

Have you ever heard the ad ?  Free furnace with complete install.  Come on, people do you really believe a contractor is going to pay hundreds of dollars for a furnace and then give it to you ?  You have the equipment, labor , misc  parts and warranty plus liability.  The cost of that furnace is hidden and you are going to pay for it one way or another.   Good contractors charge you money, good contractors make  NO excuses for mistakes and will always fix problems fast and efficiently with NO cost to you.  Thats the way I handle it.  A/C Today is NOT a cheap company, huh ?  By that I mean,  my pricing is not low nor is it high;  my price fits the job.   Every job is different .  You always get what you pay for.

Free service call ?  Just another way to get to your house to get the money.  Simple and true.   Come one, people do you really think you can something for nothing.  Car dealers do this all the time (“bait and switch “)  Same principle but didn’t product.

Example:  I installed a fan relay for a customer for $138.00.   Later in the day, the woman called and said she could get the same relay for $12.67.  I came back removed the part ( I charge a flat rate;  parts, labor, warranty, overhead, etc)  and asked the lady to call me when the other company had finished the repair.  I didn’t hear from her so I called.  The lady said she was embarrassed to call since the repair by the other company cost more.  Yes, they charged her for the part quoted but 2 people came out and she was charge $140 per hour for the first tech and $60/hour for the helper.  The bill was over $200.   Find a good contractor and keep him.   There are always companies who will bad mouth another company just to solicit your business.   Don’t be fooled.   This is why I post pictures of my work.  Pictures speak volumes of the companies work.

Almost all of my work is by referral;  you make the call.  Call them or me, A/C TODAY .

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